Emergency Talkback System in Elevator Access Control


Emergency Talkback System in Elevator Access Control

What is the purpose of automated security in elevators? Do we really need Emergency Talkback System in Elevator Access Control?

An elevator may look like the least harmful mode of inter-transport facilities. However, several incidents can render one exposed to vulnerabilities.

All we want from an elevator is to take us from one floor to another. It is the place we least expect a delay. Apart from maintenance issues, there’s nothing more to expect. On the contrary, security cannot always be present to monitor system malfunctions.

Therefore, emergency calling points and access control are a much-needed provision.

Elevator security eliminates the entry of Intruders

Numerous vulnerabilities can fall upon you when using the elevator without an appropriate security system in place. Apart from video-recording CCTVs installed, an emergency calling system and controlled access can beef up automated security levels.

Unpredictable events can occur out of the blue when you are least prepared.

  • An intruder could be following or tailgating a homeowner unaware. Entering and exiting an elevator is considered a regular event. Therefore, in the case of suspicion, an emergency call can alert the main station security personnel.
  • Elevators that carry goods require supervision by trained staff. However, during accidental mishandling of goods, they can use the emergency calling system. The person in the elevator can be reached without losing any time.
  • If the elevator malfunctions and stops moving, the passenger stuck inside can make an emergency call for further action.

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Elevator access with controlled entry

Various commercial and corporate estates require different elevators to function for specific purposes. We’ve developed years of experience installing elevator security systems for the safe and quality movement of passengers and goods.

Elevator access control enables the organization to provide specific access to employees within a specified range of time. For instance, an employee is allowed access within the building from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Beyond this time up until the following day, access is not granted. This form of controlled accessibility eliminates any form of a security breach.

Theft and intruders may be unable to access the building via the elevator due to tight security facilities. Therefore, this also protects employees from being wrongly framed.

Also, the general public and one-time visitors can be given access to specific floors. The access control system can deny entry onto floors not related to their purpose of visit.

Leading security solutions and installations

At Hawk Enterprises, we offer affordable security solutions integrated into elevators. Our products pass advanced high-level testing systems. You are assured of top-notch quality improved safety and reliability.

We also carry out installation processes where our expert team will arrive at your premises. Special training will be held to educate your staff on how to manage the elevator security systems proficiently. You can call us whenever you require an upgrade in the installation process or train a new team to manage elevator security operations smoothly.

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